CommUUnity Connections is a support network within UUCW that seeks to provide compassionate and empathetic assistance to members on an as-needed basis. Here are just a couple of the many ways we can connect volunteers to members who have a specific need:

  • We organize the preparation and delivery of meals and the completion of errands for members following surgery or during an illness.
  • We set up rides for members of our community to attend worship services and go to medical appointments.

Our Community Connections coordinator for this month is Mary Wierman. You can contact Mary if you need assistance or know someone who needs support in one of these or other ways.

We would love for you to join our Community Connections team. If you are able to help by preparing a meal, dropping off carry-out, running an errand, providing a ride, or something else along these lines for one of our members, feel free to reach out to Mary.

The strength of our community is reflected in the ways we support each other and our aim is to continue to grow this important ministry!