A message from the May Community Connections Coordinator Nora Vrakas. 
Hello fellow UUs,

In a recent meeting of the UUCW Community Connections coordinators, members discussed how our white American culture operates on the principles of independence and self-sufficiency, with the need of assistance from others a sign of weakness. Our Community Connections team is working to change that culture here at UUCW by embracing and promoting the value of community interconnectedness and interdependence both within UUCW and our wider community. We urge you to think about ways that fellow UUs might be of service to you including things such as:

  • cooking meals for you
  • delivering groceries or carryout food to you
  • pet care or dog walking
  • running errands
  • driving you to appointments
  • helping with technology challenges – computers or other home electronics
  • teaching you something you seek to learn
  • walking or cycling with you for companionship

These and other supporting activities can be provided in a Covid safe way – contact-free and/or with masks.

This month I will be acting as the UUCW Community Connections coordinator. I have been a part of Community Connections for many years because it allows me to provide direct service to others. I love to cook, and feeding others has always been a source of joy. Please reach out and let me know what we might do to lighten your load.  Remember, our community is strengthened by interdependence – asking for help is a sign of self-awareness and strengthens our ability to adapt to change.

Warm regards,

Nora Vrakas

To seek assistance or if you would like to volunteer to help others, contact Nora Vrakas.