From UUCW Member and Board of Trustees Vice President Lisa Larson

I have realized that I like a slower-paced lifestyle. I have remained positive with daily meditation which includes deep breathing & a mantra. 

We haven’t been able to enjoy live performances of music and theater because of the pandemic, but there have been many unexpected pleasures for our family. We now have date night every Monday where we get dressed up and have a fancy dinner that is home prepared.   Our boys come over for dinner every Thursday night. And we have movie night every Saturday night. We watch one movie and work through a series.  Our first series was all the James Bond movies oldest to newest.  Now we are watching the Marx Brothers.  It has been a great time for home and garden projects.  Our family has been enjoying each other more than ever because we are in our own bubble. We have been having a monthly Sister’s Zoom (My sisters and sisters-in-law from around the country). In this time of distance, because of the zooming, we are closer than ever.  Outdoor biking and cross-country skiing have allowed me to be active with friends. Thank goodness for the outdoors.  

I really look forward to being in community at Sunday services again.  I really enjoyed the outdoor services we had in fall.  The connection is so valuable.  

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