From UUCW Member Ron Zimmerman

My situation is a bit different from many. I chose to retire at the end of 2019, so I’d already started processing the loss of a work “family” when the stay-at-home orders came in March. Karen retired in 2018. The pandemic limited our travel and entertainment options, but we found other ways to stay busy and have fun. We explored Wisconsin with many “socially distant” day trips, spent as much time outdoors as we could, and kept busy with social justice and environmental work, both online and in person. We’ve avoided COVID so far, and feel fortunate to have a safe, comfortable home to ride it out until it’s our turn to get the vaccines.

In an effort to keep a positive attitude, and with some cajoling from Karen, I started doing at-home yoga with her. It’s a good stretch to start my day, but more than that, it’s a routine of self-care that I now look forward to each morning.

Between COVID and being retired, I would have expected the days to drag out. That hasn’t been the case, however. We’ve settled into a routine and I’ve gotten involved with some volunteer work that makes most days go by with very little boredom.

The practices we adopted over the past year and will continue is testing our meal prep skills by trying out new recipes.

We are looking forward to returning to in-person Sunday services, especially “coffee and conversation” afterward. We do attend most online services–thanks to all the people who’ve figured out to do this and keep the chalice lit through these difficult times.

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