The Transition Team has been working hard over the last several months updating UUCW’s Mission Statement. Drum roll, please…

Grounded in love, UUCW is a joyful community committed to spiritual growth, inclusion, and justice.

The Transition Team consists of Anne Deahl, Karen Engelking, Darthe Jennings, Phil Kroner, Carolou Nelsen and is led by Eddee Daniel. It was charged by the Board of Trustees to update UUCW’s Mission Statement. This update could not have been possible without all of the feedback provided by the congregation.

Back in June, the congregation was asked to submit five words they thought best described our congregation, which was turned into a word cloud. In July and August, the Transition Team held five cottage meetings, where attendees were shown the word cloud and asked to respond to how well it represents our congregation. Attendees were asked again to write a new list of five words to describe UUCW, based on the conversation. Another word cloud was created with the new list of words provided. Combining all of this input, the Transition Team created three possible Mission Statements.

In September, another survey was distributed to the congregation asking for feedback on these draft statements. Based on this feedback, the Transition Team developed a proposal that was approved by the Board of Trustees at the October meeting. The ‘short version’ of the Mission Statement is intended to be accompanied by additional text explaining more fully how this statement expresses our UU principles. Click HERE read the ‘long version’ of the new Mission Statement.