A message from Rob Zimmerman

A quick perusal of my closet and dresser revealed that I own clothes made in the following countries:  Bangladesh, China, Honduras, India, Indonesia, Lesotho, Malaysia, Nicaragua, Pakistan, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam.  I may have something made in the US, but I didn’t find it.  The apparel industry—clothing, shoes, hats, etc.—labels the country of origin on each product.  While buying clothes made halfway around the world keeps prices lower, there are drawbacks.  It’s more difficult to know where raw materials come from, whether the factories are safe and following environmental laws, whether workers are being treated with respect, and earning fair wages.  There are also added environmental costs to transport goods thousands of miles.  While it’s not always a given that “buying local” equals “buying responsibly”, goods made in the US or EU are subject to stricter laws and labeling requirements.  Next time you shop for apparel, be sure to do your homework by checking out Good On You.  If you like it, download their mobile app to use while you’re shopping.

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