Thank you so much for your financial support of UUCW. It’s this critical support that funds the services, programs, staff, building, and grounds of the church we love!

With the start of the new church fiscal year, on May 1st,  I thought it might be helpful to review the many ways that you can financially support the church.

Using your computer or mobile device you can donate at the church website UUCW.Org. Just click on the Donate Now Button. If you’re donating to fulfill your pledge or to fund the daily operations of the church, select Operating 21-22. To donate to the ongoing Build 2020 Campaign, select Capital Campaign. To donate to the featured monthly community partner organization, select Split the Plate. For a gift to Endowment, select Endowment Fund or the Social Action Endowment Fund, and for the fund that allows our ministers to help members and friends confronting emergency financial issues, select the Make a Difference Fund.

As a church member, you can also log in to Realm to pay your annual pledge or donate.  Please note, that with this convenience there also comes a cost. For each transaction, the church pays a $.35 fee plus 2.65% of the amount given. If you can offset these fees this will ensure that your full contribution will be received by UUCW. Click the box that indicates you’re willing to pay the fee when completing the transaction.

Of course, checks can be mailed to the church at any time. When we’re back in the church building for Sunday services, checks and/or cash can be given during the offering. If you’re like me, however, who never carries a checkbook or a lot of cash and finds it bothersome to write monthly checks, then consider taking advantage of the ACH Program which debits your checking or savings account monthly. It’s easy, it’s free, no fees involved, and it’s safe and secure. Your treasury team (me!) logs into the church account at our bank to activate the ACH for the month. This means that if you need to change the amount, temporarily suspend, or end your participation, you can easily do so. Just email and notify the Church office by the 10th of each month. Account deductions take place around the 15th of each month, so this will allow enough time for us to act on the change.

If you have any questions please contact me by email.


Leslie Peterson

UUCW Treasurer