A GA message from Rev. Julie

Last year at General Assembly (GA) I bought a T-shirt that says “Trans people are divine. Abortion is a blessing. Every body is sacred.” At this year’s GA, a business resolution was on the floor that begins, “…we proclaim that our principles and values unequivocally commit our faith to honor and celebrate the full spectrum of gender identity and expression.”  (A Business Resolution directly involves the administration and structure of the Association.)

During the discussion, several hurtful things were said that resulted in shutting down a couple of speakers and pausing the discussion. It was painful and uncomfortable. STILL. AND. This business resolution passed with nearly 92% of the vote. There’s no question that Unitarian Universalism is increasingly committed to an explicit affirmation of trans people.
You can read the whole resolution HERE.

Alex Kapitan (yes, UUCW’s Alex Kapitan) posted a powerful and heartfelt response and gave permission for it to be shared.  Alex says, “…saying that you’re LGBTQ-affirming without taking responsibility for ensuring that trans attendees experience affirmation and safety in your space is worse than not saying you are LGBTQ-affirming. … Do you understand that the only yardstick we actually need is one that measures the gap between our words and our actions?”

You can read Alex’s reflection and challenge HERE, and I hope that you do.