Transportation is a real justice issue and promoting Regional Transportation Authorities (RTA) is a real solution. Low-income people, workers, the elderly and people with disabilities are among those most affected by lack of transportation options. Because of segregation practices of the past 75 years, lack of transportation disproportionately affects people of color who live in areas of concentrated poverty and who need a chance to get to communities where there are opportunities.

The Milwaukee County Transit System’s JobLines are a step in the right direction but the funding for them ends on December 31. Neither Milwaukee nor Waukesha County will put any money into keeping them running. An RTA could solve the problem! (The UWM Center for Economic Development has released a study, Joblines: An Analysis of Milwaukee County Transit System Routes 6 and 61, which can be found here .

RTA’s are governing structures created to provide a funding mechanism for a regional transportation system and to coordinate and oversee transportation systems regionally across municipal and county lines.

Sign a petition to encourage the Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors and Milwaukee County Transit System to reevaluate transportation funding and dedicate the resources needed to continue these vital routes.

For more information contact Barbara Pfarr, a fellow UUCW member and staff member of WISDOM.