If you were properly “agitated” by Pastor Marilyn’s message on Sunday but don’t know what to do about it, here are TWO possibilities:

1)    Come to a planning meeting for the newly developing MICAH-SOPHIA UUCW Core Team. WISDOM is a state-wide faith-based network that engages in social change work. UUCW is a member of both the Milwaukee Affiliate, MICAH, and the Waukesha County Affiliate, SOPHIA. Those interested will gather at a mutually convenient time after Madison Action Day to discern ways that UUCW members can participate in MICAH and SOPHIA’s many campaigns and programs to educate, advocate and act together for justice. (Click HERE for more info on WISDOM/SOPHIA/MICAH) Contact Barbara Pfarr.

 2)    Join the UUCW delegation to WISDOM’s Madison Action Day.
We are involved in a lot of social change activity with WISDOM all year but right now the focus is on Madison Action Day, which happens every other year when the new state budget is being developed. 700 WISDOM members from around the state will gather in the capitol to educate legislators about our concerns… about the public policy decisions that violate our deepest values… about how we want the budget decisions to reflect our UUCW Principles.

Thursday, April 27 Madison Action Day
6:30 am    Get on either the MICAH or SOPHIA bus to Madison
8:30 am    Arrive at the Masonic Center, Madison, for coffee, pastries, fellowship
9:00 am    Reflections from WISDOM religious leaders, “We Are WISDOM” video created by the 12 Affiliate organizations (www.wisdomwisconsin.org), cultural presentations from our various members, an overview of our key issues. Download the Issues Booklet HERE.
Noon   Box lunch with others in your legislative district
Process 2 blocks to the Capitol for a Prayer Vigil and Press Conference on the capitol steps. Delegations visit every State Assemblyperson and Senator. You can speak if you want or just be an important witness to our values.

2:30 pm     Meet at the Episcopal Church across from the capitol building for snacks and debrief
3:00 pm    Board buses for home

Contact: Joyce Cable
To Register:    MICAH, Milwaukee https://micahmke.org/
SOPHIA, Waukesha County https://www.sophiawaukesha.org/

Registration is still open!  

If you missed Pastor Marilyn’s message or want to hear it again, click HERE.