On a fundamental level, we humans have a strong inclination to want justice in our lives and in the universe. It galls us when we see bad people getting away with injustices against our beloved community—sometimes for their entire lives—without paying any penalty. What did [...]

Holiday Music Service

Sunday, December 11th

“Surrounded in Wondrous Sound” The holidays are a time for awe and wonder — and music has the power to spark them in us — setting our hearts and minds ablaze with joy! Traditional, contemporary, and unexpected holiday songs and awe-inspiring stories and reflections will [...]

Community Conversation

Sunday, December 11th

UU churches exist to provide support and resources for many educational, religious, and humanitarian purposes that advance our UU values.   As a faith, this is our mission.  When we look at our church, how do we describe the specific elements of our specific mission? [...]

EarthSpirit Winter Solstice Ritual

Wednesday, December 21st

We honor the moment when the night is longest here in the northern hemisphere with darkness, drumming, stories and a powerful earth-based ritual to “call for the sun’s return.” Bring your drums and shakers. Children who are able to enjoy a dramatic, hour-long worship experience [...]

Faith and Democracy Tour with Reverend Jennifer Butler

February 5th, 2023 - February 7th, 2023

Faith and Democracy Tour – Reverend Jennifer Butler, Founder in Residence, Faith in Public Life White Christian nationalism is a threat to our democracy and to our faith. But people of faith are pushing back. Rev. Jennifer Butler is visiting key states where democracy is [...]

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