Are you trying to reduce the number of new books you buy to protect the environment? Do you like to support independent booksellers? Would you like to help build libraries for indigenous communities in Bolivia? For many years, I have faithfully committed to buying only used books and found to accomplish those goals. Recently, a friend who serves on the Earth Ministry Team suggested I share information about this wonderful online company. is an online international consortium of independent booksellers. I’ve had great luck in finding books, both hardcover and paperback, in very good condition for very low prices, around $5 to $6, sometimes even lower. But if you want the current bestseller, prices can be a bit higher because of the high demand. So, if you’re in the market for a book that’s a little older, is an excellent way to save money and live your values, too.

Biblio is the first and only “green” book marketplace providing free carbon-neutral shipping with every book purchase. Their company’s bottom line aligns so well with UU values regarding social responsibility and environmental protection. So, check it out, and happy book shopping!

Karen Engelking

UUCW member and avid reader
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