Do you have one that suits you and how do you explain your faith?
From Rev. Denise Cawley

The Question Box service was a big hit. I heard from many of you that you hope it becomes an annual UUCW tradition. Some of you asked again, what those elevator speeches were that Ruben and I shared. Here were some of them:

Elevator Speeches I shared in our Question Box Service. Most I wrote, some I adapted from other ministers, and one is from our UU History.

1: For UUs, inclusion is the greatest good, exclusion the greatest sin.

2:  One God, Many Names, hope not hell.

3. A polytheistic faith, embracing many views, that unites through community acting out our faith in justice. All people are welcome, all behaviors are not.

4. Unitarian Universalism is a way of life that stresses questioning, spiritual growth, integrity, and community, and which is lived in diversity.

5. The church that questions all your answers.

6. We have lots of different beliefs about God, the afterlife, Jesus, and other holy people but we agree that our lives are precious and need to be used to help heal the world. We try our best to do that work in communities that support and challenge us.

7. My favorite go to right now is inspired by JLA. (James Luther Adams): We are a faith, that is more concerned about the “how” of faith, than the “what” of faith. What we believe in matters, in so far as we hold our beliefs with integrity, question ourselves and our answers, challenge ourselves to grow, and live into our faith and values alongside one another in community. Across our different beliefs, we focus on how we can be a people of faith together.

8. Honoring the human impulse of curiosity and creativity.

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