Congratulations to our UU Church West Volunteers. Earlier this month, UUA General Assembly planners asked for volunteers to view program videos and, as they view, transcribe the spoken words into captions that will be used during the General Assembly in June. Below is a communication from our Local Area Coordinator for GA 2021, Elizabeth Lentini.

Subject: Update re: Transcription Project for 2021 UUA General Assembly

Dear Most Amazing UU West Volunteers!!! (Rebecca Nowacek, Randi Kreger, Sybil Rockwell, Hayley German-Fisher, Carol Limbach, Kathleen Strapp, Gina Barton)

I am writing to give you a quick update on where things stand with “our” project.
As some of you are aware, Rebecca Nowacek raised her hand and changed the world (or at least my world!) by offering to run all of the videos through her software that creates a first draft transcript. As a result, I have been sending you the video along with the first draft from Rebecca’s software, and you are sending me back a revised, second draft that is pretty close to perfect. And, those of you who have done this are turning them around in about what seems like 5 seconds (well, more like very very quickly!). As a result, I have been able to extend the deadline. We still have to get the transcripts to the UUA by the 30th of April, but I am much less concerned about getting them super early to review them.

Also, we are still waiting on at least one, and probably two, more videos. Sooooo, I am continuing to send out videos to you. I think Randi and Sybil have not received one yet (you guys will get the next two), and Hayley and Kathleen have both had two. Gina you will get a second one too. If anyone’s situation has changed and they don’t want to participate, just let me know. We’ve had a few technical glitches but have managed to work through them, so please don’t be nervous about the technology.

Let me know if you have questions. I remain hugely grateful to you all.


Elizabeth Lentini
Local Area Coordinator
Milwaukee GA 2021