Dear ones:

The message linked below from UUA President Reverend Susan Frederick-Gray highlights the importance of putting our Unitarian Universalist values first as we make decisions about how and where to meet for church. The UUA is encouraging us to continue to plan on multi-platform offerings along with science and local data, which is exactly what we at UUCW are planning.

View UUA President Reverend Susan Frederick-Gray’s full message.

We will keep updating you and ask that you reach out to one another. If you haven’t seen someone call. If you are confused about technology and connecting please ask for help. Let us know and we will help connect you with members or staff that can help. Going forward it’s going to be more important than ever to have many who want to stay connected with one another.

Feeling lonely and frustrated is normal. Please reach out. I can help connect you with a lay pastoral care listener too.

Reverend Suzelle and I send you love.

Rev. Denise Cawley

Please contact Rev. Suzelle Lynch or Rev. Denise Cawley if you have questions about Reverend Susan’s message.