At our July meeting last week, the Board of Trustees approved the members of the Transition Team. This team will serve for the duration of Rev. Jullan’s interim ministry. The UUA advises that congregations should have a team that is focused on assisting both the Interim Minister and church members as they navigate this transitional period of time. They will meet with Rev. Jullan on a regular basis, and they will also serve as the designated recipients of feedback from the congregation.

The members of the team are:

We have given the team the following charge:

“The Charge for the Transition Team is to assist the Interim Minister and the Congregation as they seek to use the time between ministers effectively. The team should use the UUA’s recommended guidelines for more specific details on their responsibilities.”

The Transition Team had their first meeting on Tuesday, Aug. 2. We are so excited and grateful to this group of individuals for volunteering to take on this role.