We are facing a budget defect this year, (2021-2022) but we are not sure by how much yet. We are also $170,000 short of next year’s 2022-2023 budget. The Board is delaying the approval of next year’s budget until the Board meeting on May 26th in efforts to reengage with more than 100 members who have not pledged; A lack of connection with members is one of the many COVID challenges. We all must work together to reengage the 144 folks on our rolls have not responded to us in two years. Approximately 80 of those folks, are people we had expected to be in our community and we are checking on everyone.

In the past, it has taken approximately 220 pledges to make our budget. We are at 168 this year. Although our average pledge has increased by 20% (hurray) and more than 90 of us have raised our pledges (THANK yoUU!), we are below budget because many members have not pledged yet.

We are attempting to reach out to these members. Thank you to everyone who has been calling and texting. If you know of a church friend who has not pledged yet; encourage them to do so. Ask them to meet you for coffee at church on a Sunday. Every pledge does count with this budget and our delaying the approval of the budget is an attempt to increase our funding to help reduce the number of cuts that we need to make.  The budget will be available for you to review after the Board meeting on May 26th, for those that would like to see it before the annual meeting.

Likewise, if you have ideas for generosity we have not yet explored, please contact the Board of Trustees or a member of the Stewardship Team.