Well, friends, it was inevitable.  As businesses and schools and museums and movie theaters close down all around us in an effort to stop the spread of the coronavirus, it was inevitable that UUCW would close, too.  It’s odd to think of our spiritual community as something “non-essential,” because our Unitarian Universalist values are so important to us!  They guide our lives in ways both large and small.

Some of you attended the first online worship service we held via Facebook live on the UUCW facebook page. Many people said that the comments folks made as the service was happening gave them a great feeling of connection! Rev. Suzelle and the UUCW staff will continue to do worship this way as long as we need to, and instructions for viewing and participating for people who do not have facebook accounts are elsewhere in this edition of the eNews.

There are other ways UUCW will provide to help us stay connected, too. Watch your email box, the UUCW website and the facebook page.  There will be zoom meetings, check-in-with-Rev.-Suzelle, Storytime with Dave, and fun things for all ages. Jen and Ruben, our Music Directors, are making musical connections with folks, too — songs to share!

We hope you’ll stay connected, too, by reaching out via email or text or phone. The Board of Trustees is just a message away. And, since we are still in the middle of our annual pledge drive, we also hope that those of you who have not yet pledged will do so!  It’s not hard to do — just go here and all the information is there.