Unitarian Universalist Church West (hereafter called the Church) is a supportive and nurturing faith community that honors and respects the rich diversity of its members, friends and visitors. In our mission (adopted by the Board of Trustees on October 24, 2023) we state: “Grounded in love, Unitarian Universalist Church West is a joyful community committed to spiritual growth, inclusion and justice.” Read more about our mission statement HERE.

To maintain an atmosphere of safety and respect so that we may fully live our mission, we covenant to affirm and promote:

• Honesty and authenticity in our relationships
• The use of words that are supportive and caring, not belittling or demeaning
• A welcoming and non-judgmental attitude
• Respect for each person’s boundaries of mind, body, spirit, and identity
• A climate that honors the gifts and blessings of each person’s thoughts and deeds

This Covenant of Right Relations declares that the Church is committed to providing as fully as possible a supportive, mutually respectful atmosphere in which relationships can develop and flourish, and in which all individuals feel valued and may express themselves without undue risk of negative judgment or other hurtful consequences. It further affirms that we will promptly address the source of threats to the physical and/or emotional well-being of our congregation and its members.

How would we address such issues? The Church has a Right Relations Policy which you can find it HERE.