Hello friends,

From the onset, we knew that there could be many challenges in our efforts to move forward with the sale of our East Property to Castle Senior Living.  We realized that much work would need to be done with the City of Brookfield to approve the commercial use of the property, our recommended condo proposed use, as well as any additional needs in preparing the property for sale.   We are extremely disappointed to report that we are no longer moving forward with the sale of the East Property to Castle Senior Living.

Despite the absolute best intentions and enormous investment of time and effort by both Castle and UUCW to make the deal work out; Waukesha County’s North Avenue widening project has forced a set of circumstances on both parties that make it logistically impossible to prepare the property’s utilities for the project. The sheer number of steps that needed to be taken including: engineering planning and design, city and county meetings, approval stages, financial negotiations, contractor bidding, permitting & coordination required by all the governmental bodies to merely get approval to upgrade water service to the property was impossible to complete in time to meet the county’s time window.

Additionally, once a new road has been paved, there is a moratorium of 5 years on further digging for utilities and/or other purposes.

On July 15th, we received a letter from Castle Senior Living indicating they would be withdrawing their offer.  They have been extremely gracious and appreciative of our partnership; and they too, are extremely disappointed that it’s impossible for us to proceed at this time. They continue to express interest in the East Property if/when the timing is right.

We want to thank all the individuals that worked so earnestly with the county, the City of Brookfield, and the buyer in an attempt to make this happen, especially Vicki Banville, Leslie Peterson, Scott Shulick, and our legal counsel, UUCW member Jennifer Vallier.

UUCW’s Executive Team and the Board of Trustees will be meeting to explore the next steps with the East Property.

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to any member of the Board of Trustees.


UUCW Board of Trustees President