On Sunday, June 4th, the members of UUCW elected this year’s slate of candidates for the Board of Trustees.  Please join in welcoming Barb Holzhauer, Kathy White, and Erich Zuern to the Board.  They will be joining returning Board members Jeannie Baker, Kristin Busse, Larry Hawley, Lynn Kapitan, Steven White, and Rob Zimmerman. Shortly after the annual meeting, the Board appointed the following members as officers for the 2023-24 church year:

President: Jeannie Baker
Vice President: Erich Zuern
Secretary: Rob Zimmerman
Treasurer: Leslie Peterson

Those of us remaining on the Board want to express our gratitude for the service and commitment of those Board members whose terms expired this year:  Lisa Larson (past president), Pam Beattie, and Colleen Gresk (secretary).  When you see them next, be sure to thank them for their leadership of UUCW during a uniquely challenging period in our church history.

If you have any questions, please contact the Board of Trustees.