In 2020, UUCW was awarded a grant from FEMA, to have work done to increase safety for the members. Thanks to Kathy Herrewig and the Safety and Security Task Force, UUCW was able to upgrade the lighting outside the building and in the parking lot. Some door guards were needed on a few of the external doors to make it more difficult for someone to break in. The installation of equipment has been delayed due to the effect Covid had on supply chains.

The third item in the grant was just completed at the beginning of February. UUCW now has 15 external cameras on the building. All of the cameras lead back to the system where they are recording movement. These cameras will allow us to watch what is happening on the property while we are in the building, or review recordings if something happened while no one was around.

The work was spread out over 4 weeks. It started with ethernet cables being run throughout the building to connect to the cameras. Next, the cameras were hung in place. It took many times up and down a ladder in the very cold temperatures which caused it to take a little longer than normal to install them. Next, the server was connected to the church computer network and the program to run the cameras was installed. The cameras were configured, and camera positioning was verified. The last thing was to train Vicki Banville, Church Administrator, on how the camera system worked.

In the coming weeks, the camera system will be set up for committees/teams/groups that are meeting in the church, to have the ability to monitor the entrances. Also, Ushers and Greeters will have the capability of watching for stragglers on Sundays so that the west entrance can be locked once services begin.

Most exciting is that two of the cameras are actually doorbell/intercoms. At both the main east and west doors, there is a box on the wall with a camera and a button. Someone can ring the doorbell and the person inside the building monitoring the cameras will be able to talk to the person. At the east door, the person monitoring will have the capability of unlocking the door for the person to enter the building. They can unlock it directly from the computer they are monitoring the cameras on. This is both for safety and efficiency.

The Covid pandemic has caused delays on the equipment There are still two other tasks covered by the grant. The Safety and Security Task Force hopes to be able to complete all of the tasks by the end of June and will be sure to make it public when they do.

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If you have any questions, contact Vicki Banville, Church Administrator.