Recently my mom Gerre found a big envelope in her dresser and on the outside were four big letters – LOVE. Inside she found cards, notes, and letters she packed up when she moved in with me 5 years ago. As she read through them we smiled and cried at the memories and sentiments these notes captured over the years of her life. Imagine how big that envelope would be for UUCW. How many lives this congregation had touched?

My journey with UUCW began when I moved back from Arizona where I spent 4 years working for and living in the Grand Canyon. There I woke up each day with a very grand view that became my spiritual home. My first months back in Wisconsin I felt a bit anxious about the next chapter of my life. I visited a church my neighbors attend and although it was comforting I didn’t feel at home.  Then I remembered Helen K. and Sue S. friends who attended UUCW so I dropped in one Sunday. I looked for those familiar faces but they weren’t there that day, and I panicked until I was greeted by persons that welcomed me with warm smiles, nods, and handshakes.

After a few Sundays, I risked staying for coffee. I think it was there I first fell in love with UUCW. It was the people, the conversation, and the action that drew me in. Marches and rallies with the social and racial justice groups, hikes movies and campus clean-ups supporting environmental sustainability, making meals for the shelters, being asked to serve on the board, and being part of the first anti-racist transformation team.  It was through these groups and activities I found my community. For me loving UUCW is for better and worse in sickness and health. It’s not always an easy road but I’m committed because UUCW is committed to me and to what I believe in. I feel fortunate to have found my spiritual home and to be in love with and be loved by the community we call UUCW.

Jeanne Jarecki


If you could tell this congregation why you love them, what would you say?
How has it touched you, fed you, needed you? What has it taught you? What have you seen UUCW doing? How has this community affirmed you, loved you? When has your love for UUCW spilled out of you? How has UUCW changed the world, or changed you?

During this month of our annual pledge drive, let’s share our love! There are lots of ways to write a letter…

  •      Pick up special stationery at UUCW, or use your own
  •      Drop the letter in the large red “love letter” box at UUCW
  •      Send your love letter by email to Rev. Julie or Kelly Bognar
  •      Send it by post: 13001 W. North Ave. Brookfield, WI 53005

Please include your name and let us know how you would like it to be shared. You could:

  •      Read it at a service in March
  •      Offer for it to be shared in the e-news
  •      Allow us to post it on a bulletin board at UUCW
  •      Send it directly to particular individuals, or call them and read it to them
  •      Keep it in your heart where it can grow and spread

There are no length requirements. It could be a haiku or an essay; a bullet list or a personal story. Maybe it will be a poem or simply a heartfelt note of gratitude. What is your love letter to UUCW?