UUCW Presents Annual Trustee Awards

UUCW Presents Annual Trustee Awards

2019-07-17T21:09:51-05:00July 4th, 2019|E-News|

The Annual Trustees Awards are given to individuals or groups who took action exhibiting excellence, initiative, and commitment or enhanced the life of the congregation, or who represented our congregation in the community in a manner that had definable results or outcomes.

Phil Kroner was presented with a 2018-19 Annual Trustee Award for his role as Chair of the Build 2020 Task Force and his commitment to the Split the Plate. Phil was nominated by two individuals:

Almuth: “Phil chaired the Task Force which was charged with finding a Build Design Team to take on the project for UUCW, and then determining how we best decide on how to allocate the (insufficient) funds in order to align with our values and vision. Then add a bunch of UU’s who all have different ideas. Not an easy task. But Phil did an excellent job commanding the “ship” to get us to a conclusion we could all agree on. It was a long process, and Phil did an outstanding job.”

Rev. Suzelle Lynch: “If we have not given an award to Phil for his work on Split the Plate, we really should. He is the one who picked it up after we lost our dear Becky Steffes, and he has done yeoman’s work to move it ahead and keep it rolling. I’m very thankful for his leadership there!”

For more information about the Annual Awards, contact David Feil.