A pledge is a promise to donate money to the congregation within a 12-month period. These commitments made during the annual stewardship pledge drive are the basis for the budget for the upcoming fiscal year. A pledge is a non-binding promise for how each of us wants to support our community throughout the next year. You are free to change your pledge at any time should your circumstances change during the year.

What is a Fair Pledge?
As we come Together for Joy during our annual pledge drive, we invite you to open your heart to generosity. Any pledge amount that is meaningful for you is appropriate and appreciated. We are a church community that relies on member generosity to exist and to help one another at times of challenge. Pledge contributions are the resources we need to sustain us. We honor our membership covenant to the UUCW and our fellow members when we pledge to give. We are stronger together!

During this pledge season, we ask our members and friends to calculate not only what your household can afford, but also how much value you place upon your church community. The Fair Share Chart below is used by many UU congregations nationwide. Please consider these guidelines when you discern your contribution to keep the UUCW Together for Joy this stewardship season.

“Adjusted Income” refers to household monthly take-home pay after taxes, minus unusual expenses like childcare, tuition, healthcare, parent support, etc.

Why make a pledge and not just give when I can?

Pledging is how we make our budget. The only way we can make decisions about staffing, sign contracts for building needs and maintain the congregation is based on what is pledged. If we have less pledged than the budget we prepared, then we will make decisions about what positions we staff, what equipment we can afford as well as what repairs or projects we do as a congregation.