A message from Ahmad Perry, Board of Trustees member

Did you know that UUCW has a Covenant of Right Relations policy? What is the Covenant of Right Relations policy you might ask? This policy states that the Church is committed to providing, as fully as possible, a supportive, mutually respectful atmosphere in which a relationship can develop and flourish, and in which all individuals feel valued and may express themselves without undue risk of negative judgment or other hurtful consequences. It further affirms that we will promptly address the source of any threats to the physical and/or emotional well-being of our congregation and its members. The policy also goes into how the Church would mediate such issues. If you would like more information about the policy, you can find it HERE

I appreciate being a part of a church and a covenant that values treating each other with dignity and respect. A covenant provides a way to settle any issues within the church between members or between members and the minister in a civil and fair manner. As Board of Trustee members, we value the covenant we’ve created for our group so deeply that we read it with each other at the beginning of each meeting, which sets the tone for a safe environment where we can share openly with respect and dignity. The commitment we’ve made helps us to remember to be honest and kind with our words and to listen to each others’ viewpoints among other points in our covenant. For me, this has personally allowed me to feel heard and valued in a safe environment with others whom I deeply respect.

Ahmad Perry

If you have any questions, contact the Board of Trustees.