Thank you to the volunteers who shared their time and resources during the busy holiday season to spread gifts of joy. Fifteen volunteers signed up to assemble 40 gift bags that were then distributed by five drivers across a two-county area just before the Christmas holiday.

Here are some appreciative responses from Gift Genie Recipients:

“What a delightful surprise to receive a gift bag from you yesterday afternoon. Thank you for taking the time and creative effort to share the holiday spirit with me.”

“Thank you for your good wishes…thank you for being a friend.”

“We were surprised and thrilled with the Christmas bags Joyce cable was holding at our front door. We will use the candle as our Chalice on our kitchen table. What a wonderful project!”

“Thank you for being generous as our Genie from church. It was a kindness to bring those gifts our way.”

“There was such a variety of items packed inside and it was such fun discovering each one. I appreciate the thoughtfulness that went into selecting the assortment.”

Gift Bags donated by: Stephanie Richardson, Vicki Brzeski, Kim Iplikci, Susan Endes, Karen Zimmerman, Irene Heideman, Jim Maletta, Sherri Melotik, Elise Riepenhoff, Johanna Kaye, Kristen Chambers, Pam Beattie, Beth Zaretzke, Jane Browne, and Kelly Bognar

Gift Bag delivery was done by: Jim Maletta, Joyce Cable, Elise Riepenhoff, Kelly Bognar and Vicki Banville

Did you miss the opportunity to share the joy? Join us in February as we “share the love” for the Valentine’s Day holiday. Watch for all the details and the sign-up link in next week’s e-news.