A message from Board of Trustees member Kathy White

Have you heard the “Buzz” about our new Mission Statement? It reads, “Grounded in love, UUCW is a joyful community committed to spiritual growth, inclusion, and justice.” I could easily write pages on the five points in this powerful and meaningful sentence, but I am choosing one area I feel passionate about. As a marginalized person, I value our commitment to inclusion. I cannot stress enough how much I appreciate that UUCW became a Welcoming Congregation before I arrived.

Where else could I mix with a cross-section of people diverse in culture, personal experiences, spiritual beliefs, and other differences as we live and celebrate our shared values of everyone’s dignity and worth? Together we grow in transformative love and mutual respect. Since walking in the door several years ago, I have always felt included and warmly welcomed. Coming here has helped me heal the personal wounds of marginalization and prejudice. Staying here has opened my mind and heart to loving acceptance of people as they are. Imagining how we can incorporate our Mission Statement into all areas of our worship, programming, activities, committee work, and community outreach leaves me eager to spread the word and help to advance our joyful community.

Contact Kathy White or other members of the Board at board@uucw.org