Over 25 years ago I began going to church at UUCW. I attended services, my kids went to RE classes, which I sometimes taught, and we participated in various service opportunities.  Over time I started getting involved in more church activities.  I was a member of Community Connections for many years.  I took numerous adult RE classes covering a wide range of topics.  As my children grew, I volunteered more,  serving as a greeter, coffee volunteer, making food for Guest House, and many other things.  As my children entered adulthood, I started focusing more on my spiritual growth.  I served on the stewardship committee, attended Soul Circles, and started Wellspring.  The Wellspring experience deepened my connection to Unitarian Universalism and began a process that has become central to who I want to be as a person.

Being a member of UUCW has provided me so many opportunities to deeply explore what it means to be human. Being in community with others, who are also seeking a sense of purpose and meaning in life, has been so precious to me.  I value the many deep friendships I have formed and the opportunity to regularly be reminded of what’s important and meaningful in life. Having a group of people who I know support and encourage the best in me has been transformative.

Even though I no longer live in Wisconsin, I continue to pledge each year to UUCW. I am a person who has received abundantly in life. Generosity is a spiritual practice for me. Giving to this church brings me joy and is a reminder to myself that I am connected to and care about many things larger than myself. What I spend my money on is a reflection of my values. I value UUCW and that is why I will be increasing my pledge this year. I want this church to remain a vibrant, supportive, beautiful, spiritual community for future generations. May it be so.

Ann Bertz