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“Together for Joy: Generosity as Spiritual Practice” WI, United States

Our Stewardship Team has listened to inspirational ideas about what you dream for your community and your spiritual growth. They have manifested a brand-new way to think about giving and financial transparency in this church and how giving and energy [...]

“Happiness: What It Is and How We Grow It” WI, United States

In our culture, the “pursuit of happiness” has largely gone awry. Research shows many of us seek life satisfaction in all the wrong places, and that we often fail to embrace the core attitudes and behaviors that make our lives [...]

“Love is a VERB” WI, United States

So often greeting cards and movies paint a picture of romantic love just happening. Sitcoms have mostly shown happy families representing people who get along or work it all out in 22 minutes. Life is far more complex than most [...]

“Love, Gratitude, and a Few Last Words…” WI, United States

Goodbyes are challenging! Very few of us are taught how to say goodbye, let alone how to do it well. On this last Sunday with us, Rev. Suzelle Lynch would like to express her gratitude for 17 years of shared [...]

“Hungering for the Divine” WI, United States

The Universalist side of our UU heritage claims we are all universally worthy and beloved. Yet, that belief can render lived experiences and valuable differences invisible. How do we make space for those on the margins of society, especially the [...]

“Worthy Now” WI, United States

The Church of the Larger Fellowship is the largest Unitarian Universalist congregation, devoted to serving those who cannot participate in brick-and-mortar congregations because of geography or other barriers. One of their most important ministries is the Worthy Now ministry to [...]

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