No matter our race, background or zip code, as Wisconsinites, we pride ourselves on taking care of one another. Whether it’s helping shovel a neighbor’s driveway during a snowstorm, offering child care in times of need or supporting local businesses, we step up for one another. We expect our government to do the same with our tax dollars and provide quick relief to Wisconsinites in need.

Unfortunately, the proposed constitutional amendment questions on the ballot this August threaten to delay the federal funds we rely on during times of crisis.

Our federal tax dollars are essential – supporting everything from farmers and small businesses to food banks and education. Adding unnecessary red tape will only slow down the process, keeping crucial resources from reaching those in need. We must ensure that our governor can allocate these funds efficiently and effectively.

When lawmakers serving under gerrymandered, nonrepresentative voting maps pass knee-jerk laws, it hinders our governor’s ability to act. This August, join us in voting NO on both constitutional amendment questions to maintain a just, efficient, and timely distribution of federal funds process for all Wisconsinites.

When Wisconsin gets federal funds, it’s our tax money we paid to the IRS coming back to us. Don’t let the legislature create obstacles for our communities and play partisan games with our money. We can’t afford delays when crises and disasters strike.

Vote NO this August to protect our communities and ensure our governor can continue to provide the timely support we depend on. #VoteNoWisconsin on both constitutional amendments.

Who Opposes These Questions
Organizations: League of Women Voters of Wisconsin, Wisconsin Education Association Council, Wisconsin Association of Local Health Departments & Boards, Wisconsin Conservation Voters, Wisconsin Public Health Association

Together, we can keep Wisconsin moving forward.

Contact Karen Zimmerman if you have any questions.