Split the Plate is one of UUCW’s programs of outreach and generosity.  Each month we give half of all undesignated offering monies to a non-profit organization as a way to help us live our Unitarian Universalist Values and serve our community.

Our Split the Plate partner for December is Waukesha Free Clinic (formerly St. Joseph Medical Clinic).  WFC supports the health and well-being of uninsured, under-insured, and low-income members of the Waukesha County community.  With our present challenges of unemployment combined with people losing health insurance with lost jobs, and COVID-19 running rampant, there is a great need for the basic health care services provided by Waukesha Free Clinic.

Recently, a 72-year-old woman arrived here from her home country in South America, where medical care was difficult to access. She had numerous medical concerns, no insurance, and a lack of resources.  She contacted Waukesha Free Clinic and was evaluated by a volunteer physician.  She was found to have extremely high blood sugar, was at risk of kidney failure, had anemia, and chronic infections. She had several medical visits, received continuity of care, adequate medication, and supervision. While she did suffer some organ damage from the long term lack of care, the support from WFC helped her regain her stamina, and all her lab tests were brought to normal levels. She learned what she needs to do to take care of herself and she has been very proactive.

You can find out more about the Waukesha Free Clinic. If you have questions about the organization, please direct them to Jim Maletta through Realm.

Your donations are needed and appreciated, so please click on the “Donate” button right now to lend a hand with this much-needed work.

About the Waukesha Free Clinic artwork: During their “Heeding the Call: Qualities of a Justice Maker” classes, UUCW middle-school RE students learned that artists can raise awareness of important issues. UUCW’s Split the Plate committee “commissioned” these students to create this poster, highlighting the origin of the Waukesha Free Clinic and the services it provides to people in need.