A message from Sister Barbara Pfarr, SOPHIA Integrated Voter Engagement Chair

This is such an important election year: We need to reach out and make sure everyone votes! We can do this safely by making phone calls from our own homes. Remember, people are more likely to vote in November if they’ve voted in April. And they’re more likely to vote at all if someone has encouraged them. There are people in Waukesha County who aren’t registered, or vote infrequently or don’t vote at all. We have identified them and we can reach them.

Please join in SOPHIA’s Virtual Canvas this weekend! We’ll send you 10 or 15 or 20 phone numbers and a simple script. You can call from the comfort of your home. You’ll use your own phone and we’ll tell you how to block your number so no one will get your name or contact information.

In this uncertain time, this is also an opportunity to connect with people who may feel isolated or need groceries. SOPHIA is available to help. Even if you just leave a message, you are a connection with the outside world.

If you can make a few phone calls this weekend – and hopefully again the weekend of March 27, 28, 29 – please contact me. I’ll send you a phone list, a suggested script, and resources in case you talk to someone in need.

If you’re not comfortable canvassing, can you at least reach out via phone, email, and Facebook to your family and friends?
This is a very good way to replace the time you would have spent in church this Sunday!

Sister Barbara Pfarr, SOPHIA Integrated Voter Engagement Chair