UUCW is getting a little less messy as more portions of the Build 2020 Project are wrapping up the detailed work. Again, we thank you for your continued patience.

Plans for next week – December 9 thru 13

1. Tear off and replacement of the new roof liner.
2. Complete wood baseboards, wood casing and crown trim.
3. Complete the gender-neutral restroom
4. Install new exterior doors near the ramp in the lower level west and the double doors in the Sanctuary

* Work schedule is always subject to change.

Completed Tasks – December 2 thru 6

1. WE Energies began the new power line from the building to the new box. They will be officially hooking it up on Saturday, December 7.
2. New exterior doors were installed in the main west entrance.
3. New exterior doors were painted and prepped for installation near the ramp in the lower level west and also the double doors in the Sanctuary.
4. Rocks were removed from a section of the flat roof to prepare for the tear off and replacement of the new roof liner.
5. Lights were installed in the kitchen.

Completed Tasks – November 25 thru 27
1. Installed foyer carpet.

Completed Tasks – November 18 thru 22

1. Continued work on Fully Accessible/Family Friendly/Non-gender Specific Restroom.
2. Leveled foyer floor with concrete.
3. Installed foyer tile perimeter.
4. Started vertical wood casing and crown trim in foyer.
5. Exterior doors were delivered and prepared for painting.

Completed Tasks – November 11 thru 15

1. Finished tile and fixture installation in Main Level Restrooms. The Men’s and Women’s restrooms reopened on Sunday, November 17.
2. Completed fire alarm system.
3. Finished ceiling tile in foyer.
4. Replaced roof skylights above foyer.
5. Rubber roof replaced around elevator top.

Completed Tasks – November 4 thru 8

  1. Finished tile and fixture installation in Main Level Bathrooms.
  2. Continued carpentry work: baseboards, door casings, and coat rack.
  3. Completed upgraded WE Energies service to handle new electrical demands.
  4. Started elevator shaft preparation for installers – build work platform and provide light and power.
  5. Sump pump system up and working in Lower Level.
  6. Installed insulation on pipes and duct work.

Completed Tasks – October 28 thru November 1

  1. Completed floor tile in Main Level Bathrooms.
  2. Continued installation of Main Level foyer ceilings.
  3. Removed carpet, then painted and re-carpeted Upper Level classrooms and offices.
  4. Continued taping and finishing of drywall on all levels.
  5. Continued installation of upgraded WE Energies service to handle new electrical demands.
Completed Tasks – October 21 thru 25
  1. Completed the block walls for elevator shaft, waterproofed surrounding roof.
  2. Completed building roofing deck.
  3. Finished drywall and started painting Main Level rooms and foyer.
  4. Completed installation of boilers in Lower Level Mechanical Room.
  5. Removed carpet, painted, and re-carpeted Main level offices.
  6. Started framing walls of elevator landing area on Lower Level.
  7. Started tiling Main Level bathrooms.

Completed Tasks – October 14 thru 18

  1. Finished rerouting of duct work for the Sanctuary – heat restored.
  2. Started block walls for elevator shaft – reached main level.
  3. Continued taping of drywall in rooms and foyer.
  4. Finished duct work in Lower Level Mechanical Room.
  5. Started installation of boilers in Lower Level Mechanical Room.

Completed Tasks – October 7 thru 11

  1. Installed support framework and flashing for HVAC roof units.
  2. The large crane lifted the old HVAC unit into its new position on the roof as well as a new air-conditioning unit to cool the older portions of the church.
  3. Completed installation of heating duct work above kitchen. The heat to the Sanctuary was reconnected.
  4. Started construction of block walls for the elevator shaft (expect 4-5 days to complete).
  5. Installed rough electrical with additional circuits for lighting and fire systems.
  6. Constructed walls of the Foyer coat area.
  7. Bathroom fixtures were delivered from Kohler.

Completed Tasks – September 30 thru October 4

  1. A large crane lifted the old HVAC unit from the roof.
  2. Completed roof repairs and added electrical and gas supply lines for HVAC.
  3. Started taping of some drywall.
  4. Removed old duct work and re-positioned trusses and girders for elevator opening. Heat to the Sanctuary was disconnected.
  5. Cut hole in Main Level floor for elevator and created temporary covering.
  6. Continued construction of Foyer dropped ceilings.

Completed Tasks – September 23 thru 27

  1. Contractor Meeting: Planned coordinated efforts of outside contractors (HVAC, plumbing, electrical, and crane) for moving and re-positioning the HVAC unit on the roof.
  2. Started dismantling old boiler in Mechanical Room – delivery of new boiler (now in the Lower Gathering Area).
  3. Completed wall framing for Nursery, Community Room, Foyer, and Main Level Bathrooms.
  4. Started construction of foyer dropped ceilings.
  5. Installed rough electrical for foyer lighting.

Completed Tasks – September 16 thru 20

1. Removed old and installed new plumbing in Main Level bathrooms.
2. Installed support beam for rooftop HVAC above kitchen ceiling.
3. Installed support beam for foyer ceiling
4. Started framing walls for the Nursery, Community Room, Coat Rack, and Main Level Bathrooms.
5. Re-shingle Sanctuary roof.

Completed Tasks – September 9 thru 13

1. The Main Level Bathrooms were closed for demolition.
2. Continued gas line and electrical work.

Completed Tasks – September 3 thru 6

  1. Removed kitchen ceiling.
  2. Demolition of Lower Level Nursery doorway.
  3. Moved Sanctuary lighting control panel to new wall.
  4. Removed last brick arch in Community Room.

Completed Tasks – August 26 thru August 30

  1. Foyer carpet removed – asbestos abatement process.
  2. Open up wall between the foyer and the Community Room.
  3. Demolition of small kitchen walls.
  4. Frame new wall for sanctuary lighting control panel.

Completed Tasks – August 19 thru August 25

  1. Poured concrete floor in front of elevator on lower level.
  2. Removed brick arches in foyer – installed temporary wall supports.
  3. Removed cabinets and fixtures from small kitchen.
  4. Removed east walls of sound booth and non-gender specific bathroom.
  5. Removed north “curved” wall and remaining ceiling in foyer.
  6. Remove plumbing fixtures from non-gender specific bathroom and small kitchen.

Completed Tasks – August 12 thru August 16

  1. Installed rebar and poured concrete foundation base in elevator pit.
  2. Created forms and pour concrete walls in elevator pit.
  3. Waterproofed concrete walls of elevator pit.
  4. Removed ramp doors, red floor tile, and ceilings in foyer.
  5. Created barriers to allow safe usage of lower level classrooms.

Completed Tasks – August 5 thru August 9

  1. Completed elevator pit excavation.
  2. Poured concrete slab in the bottom of the elevator pit.
  3. Resolved electrical panel situation.
  4. Completed waterproofing in elevator pit.

Completed Tasks – July 29 thru August 2:

  1. Continued excavation of elevator pit.
  2. Created wood forms and added concrete shoring of pit walls.
  3. Worked on electrical panels.

Completed Tasks – July 22 thru July 26:

  1. Removed lower level hallway/meeting room wall.
  2. Started excavation of elevator pit.

If you have more questions, or simply want to discuss the project in more detail, contact Phil Kroner, Chair of the Build 2020 Task Force. For questions about the day-to-day effects of construction on church activities, contact Vicki Banville.