Welcome back! Ingathering and water communion have traditionally been the time of year when we warmly greet one another with smiles and hugs, sharing stories of summertime enjoyed near and far.  Ingathering 2020 is definitely still a welcome back; yet, in a very different way.  It was just a year ago that I wrote a similar message welcoming everyone back to a new way of being church together with one service, rather than two.  Now this year, I’m welcoming you back as primarily a virtual church whose heart has never stopped beating since mid-March when we stopped gathering in person……yet, we’ve gathered via Zoom more times than many of us would like to count, and some of us have even gathered in backyards while maintaining social distancing.  And perhaps you’ve needed a bit of a break, as many people do during the summer months, even in the midst of a pandemic, and you’re now finding your way back to UUCW. Wherever you are, whoever you are, know that you are welcome here!

Especially now, many of us need, and rely on, the support and challenge of our faith community. It definitely hasn’t been a quiet summer with the deaths of Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, and Jacob Blake.  We can add to that community unrest, a global pandemic, and a presidential election.  I’m not sure about you; but, I for one, need the strength, courage, commitment, and faith of my UUCW community now more than ever.  Now, more than ever, I need to be a part of a community standing for justice and racial equity…….now, more than ever, I need to keep learning about my own white privilege…….now, more than ever, I need to know that I’m not alone.

If you’re a part of the UUCW community, know that you are not alone!  We’re here for one another; and we’re here for you!  As we’re all adapting to new ways of being community and relating with one another, know that we’re here for you.  Although we’re not meeting in person due to the continuing threats of COVID 19, we’re still very active as a community and invite you to join in.  We need one another and our community, now, more than ever!

Please join us personally or virtually for our Ingathering “Blessings Abound” service and/or the in-person “Walk-or-Roll-Thru” in-person experience on September 13th. Then, know that your participation, voice, and vote are critically needed for our Special Congregational Meeting on September 27th.  Informational sessions will be held prior to this meeting to hopefully answer all of your questions regarding the proposed sale of the East Property. Then, in October we’ll gather once again to vote on adopting the 8th Principle for our congregation as well as the Social Action Committee’s proposal on Dismantling White Supremacy Culture.  (NOTE: more information is forthcoming on this Special Congregational Meeting and vote.) And, yes, the semi-annual UUCW Auction is ON in November!!!

UUCW is definitely back in swing.  So, whether you’ve hung in there with us throughout the summer, taken a break, or are new to our faith community……welcome to a new year at UUCW!

Laurie Boddie
UUCW Board of Trustees President