We are thrilled to introduce Pierre Young, who recently joined the team at UUCW as a cleaning specialist on May 12. Since his arrival, Pierre has been doing an outstanding job and the staff is truly enjoying working with him. We feel incredibly lucky to have him on board.

If you happen to stop by the building and come across Pierre while he is working, please don’t hesitate to introduce yourself. We know that he would be more than happy to meet you and get to know you better. With his dedication and hard work, we are certain that Pierre will quickly become an essential part of the UUCW family.

Pierre lives in Milwaukee with his partner and he is a proud father of 10 children. Their family also includes five dogs and three cats.

Although Pierre has many skills, his passion is for ministry. Pierre dedicates his time to the endless acts of outreach in his community. He has worked in ministry for many years with a focus on food outreach. Take a look at this video interview with Carol Meekins about “Just One More Ministry” including an interview with Pierre. This interview gives you a glimpse at Pierre and he thanks God for all that he has.

Welcome, Pierre!