Build 2020 update

A dedicated Build 2020 Team has been meeting twice a month since October to keep the process of moving towards renovations and improvements for our UUCW building!  Many conversations revolved around the priorities and goals of the project, determining if a design/build or architectural firm should be hired, and how to create the RFQ, Request for Qualifications which will be used to invite design/build firms to consider working with us. The Team will work with the Board of Trustees in April to choose a firm.

To refresh your memory, our Build 2020 Goals include :

  • Major maintenance to systems and components of our UUCW buildings and grounds: HVAC upgrades for entire building • Replace roof systems • Address water infiltration issues and improve drainage of our site • Rebuild parking lot • Upgrade technology to accommodate network and audiovisual needs • Energy efficient window systems • Additional insulation.
  • Improved Accessibility: An elevator (or other options) that would allow those who have limited mobility or use mobility aids to access all three levels of our building. • “Barrier free” washroom and better access to bathrooms (without long waits) for people of all genders.
  • Offices for UUCW Staff that improve collaboration, good meeting space for adults and kids, and rental spaces that will help provide income.

For more information, contact Vicki Banville, Church Administrator