Some of you have noticed I have been wearing an air cast for a while. I have had ongoing issues with my feet for years. 18 months ago I decided I would do anything to heal it and followed doctors’ orders religiously. I have been working hard to heal it using many modalities and therapies. Sadly, all the ways I have been advised to heal my foot, made it worse. It turns out I have a congenital foot deformity of a bone in my foot that is under my Achilles. I will be having surgery next week. You will see me preaching sitting down, as I won’t be allowed to put any weight on my foot. We will manage. Kelly Bognar has promised there are ways to have me preach in our new multi-platform system that will all work out. I might be at more meetings via zoom for a few weeks. Don’t worry, I am just as committed to our smooth transition with Rev. Suzelle’s. Thank you for your prayers, meditations, healing energy and any other good magic you can send my way.

Rev. Denise