WISDOM has launched the Integrated Voter Engagement Campaign (IVE). This is an effort to build strong ties in communities around issues and to work in those same communities around voting as elections draw near. WISDOM affiliates are making plans for canvassing regularly in targeted areas.

Along with the door-to-door canvassing, we have an exciting tool for this campaign: the MyRVP App.


Using the MyRVP App on your smartphone (sorry, not on your computer), you select personal contacts from your phone, and talk with friends and loved ones about issues, voting, election dates, resources and much more!

Go to your app store and search for “Empower (MyRVP)”

If the App isn’t found, go to your search bar, type in empower.com/wisdom, enter your phone number, and follow the instructions from the text you will receive.

Sign up using your phone number or email

Enter the invite code, which is “WISDOM”

Your phone contacts will come up. Select the ones you want to focus on, probably the ones least like to vote. The App will automatically list them by High Priority (least likely to vote), Medium Priority, and Low Priority (they vote in most elections).

App gives you suggestions for giving them a call or email. It gives Tips, as well as how to reach Yolanda, WISDOM’s Campaign Director, for questions. As we move forward, you’ll receive new messages for your outreach.

Statistics show that people are more likely to vote if someone they trust talks to them regularly about voting and makes sure they know what they need to take with them to the polls, how to use the machines, and how to think about the issues.

Join us in our Integrated Voter Engagement Campaign! For more information, contact Barbara Pfarr.