After the service on June 30, I will be taking my holidays and remaining study leave and spending the month of July packing and moving. I expect to be physically leaving Brookfield around July 20.  

 During that same time, your new minister, Jill Braithwaite, will be wrapping up her work with the congregation in Duluth, and moving here. Her work with UUCW begins in August.  

I will be available for emergencies (and for Dave Rierson’s memorial service) until I leave town. After that, and until August 1, the Lay Pastoral Care Team will still be available, as will a local UU minister who can be contacted if there’s a need.  

You are, and will remain, in good hands.  

Can we stay in touch? 

 Ministers exist in overlapping circles of relationships and covenants. During our time together, I have been in covenant with you to serve you as your interim minister, and have, blessedly, created relationships of deep meaning and trust with you. Those connections will always be held in my heart.  

 I am also in covenant with Unitarian Universalism and with all of my UU colleagues. Our ministers’ association has “Guidelines for the Conduct of Ministry” which I have committed to abide by. Those guidelines exist to help to ensure integrity of UU ministry and to protect the vitality and health of our faith.  

 When my service with UUCW ends, those guidelines require that “there should be no intentional or ministerial contact between a departing minister and members, staff or clients of congregations they have served until there can be a covenant expressed in a Letter of Understanding between predecessor and subsequent ministers.” The typical expectation is that there be no substantive contact for approximately two years.  

 Why? Your future well-being as a congregation is best served when there’s a fully effective departure. Times of transition are times of vulnerability, and it’s important that any influence I might have be minimized so that your ministry with Jill Braithwaite can flourish on its own terms. And like you, I want UUCW to flourish! (I know that it will!)  

 I have often said to the Board that an interim ministry is rather like making new and fast friends while on a train trip, and then to disembark at different stations. We’ll always hold the possibility that we might cross paths one day and reminisce about the sweet time we shared together. Because it has been sweet.  

 One day, years from now, I hope you will look at my photo on the ‘ministers’ wall’ and remember me fondly, if vaguely. As for me, I will always remember this ‘trip’ with you. It’s been a grand adventure!  

 Rev. Jullan