Beginning on December 1, you’ll be able to purchase $20 raffle tickets at UUCW to win Dinner for Two Anywhere in the World!  It’s our fabulous winter fund-raiser, with ticket sales proceeding for six weeks before the drawing on Sunday, January 12, 2020.  Here are some “Frequently Asked Questions”:

Frequently Asked Questions
1. How do I get a ticket? Volunteers will be selling tickets at church on Sundays, and you can stop by the office during the week to buy tickets, too. They cannot be purchased online or through the mail.
2. What are my chances of winning? How many tickets will be sold? We will only sell up to 2500 tickets — so your chances of winning are much higher than most raffles of this kind.
3. Why is UUCW doing this Raffle? The Dinner for Two Raffle is a fund-raiser for our church operating budget — a creative idea we know has helped other congregations and non-profit organizations. Your support will help it succeed!
4. When is the drawing? The winning ticket will be drawn on Sunday, January 12, 2020 during or after the worship service. We’re inviting a very special secret guest to draw the winning ticket for us!
5. Do I have to be present to win? No — though we hope you will be there to celebrate! If the winner is not present, however, we will get in touch with them right away.
6. Can I REALLY have dinner ANYWHERE in the world? The travel agents we are working with will do their very best to make your dream dinner a reality. The prize dollar amount is intended to cover travel and accommodations as well as the meal.
7. Can I buy a ticket for a friend or family member? Yes, you can — in fact, we hope you will gift tickets to all your loved ones!
8. Can I sell tickets? Yes. We are counting on our members as the primary ticket-sellers. More information about how to sign up to sell tickets will be coming soon. And there will be prizes awarded for the top ticket-sellers in mid-December and early January.
9. Will I be taxed on the winnings? UUCW will withhold 25% for tax purposes before winnings are distributed to the winner.

Start dreaming about where you’d go — and tell Publications Coordinator, Kelly Bognar. She’d love to feature your dream in an upcoming eNews.

If you have additional Raffle questions, contact Church Administrator Vicki Banville.