Every year the Nominating Committee is tasked with identifying members to serve on the Board of Trustees and select committees.

This spring, we’ve had a number of members agree to fill roles on the Board, Nominating Committee, and Endowment Committee. A big THANK YOU to those who’ve stepped up and agreed to serve.

We are still looking for members willing to serve.

Specifically, we are looking for someone willing to serve on the Board of Trustees with the intention and willingness to serve as UUCW’s vice president in year one.

The vice president of the Board of Trustees shadows the board president in their first year, becoming president in the second year of their term, then supports their successor in their third and final year.

Could this be you?

You do not need any past board experience or formal leadership training – simply a commitment to UUCW and UU principles, a desire to contribute, an open mind, and the ability to work with a diverse team.

If you have served in the past and are thinking, “It’s someone else’s time”, we encourage you to consider serving again. Your past experience would be welcomed.

And if you became a member more recently and are thinking, “I’ve only been a member for a short time”, serving on the Board is a rich and meaningful way to deepen engagement and build community. Your fresh perspectives would be welcomed.

During UUCW’s last transition between settled ministers, then interim minister Rev. Sam Schaal would end each service with the phrase, “You haven’t just been to church, you are the church.” Rev. Sam was reminding us that it is our time, talents, and treasure that makes UUCW what it is.

The Nominating Committee is asking every member to deeply consider the opportunity to be a part of the leadership and governance of this community – a community that means so much to us all.

Please consider lending your time and talents.

Reach out to the Nominating Committee with questions and interest.

Julie Jordan Brown
Dave Feil
Jim Fischer 
Jeanne Jarecki
Julie Mayhew
Scott Shulick (Nominating Committee chair)