A message from Rev. Suzelle Lynch

We’re in the final stretch of our Embracing Each Other-Embracing Our Future pledge drive, which funds the church budget for 2021-22.  This “last stretch” is always a hopeful and anxious time — this year, 81% of the funding we need has been pledged by all of you (THANK YOU!) But we really need 100% to run the church.  We need another $80,000 in pledges.  Next steps?  The Board of Trustees is making phone calls to folks who haven’t yet pledged.  The last step is when I email those who have not yet pledged.

Yesterday, one of our wonderful Board members asked me if we know why we haven’t yet made it to the Pledge Goal of $430,000.  I confessed that we don’t have a detailed analysis, but I offered these thoughts:

  1. People don’t realize that UUCW’s needs for financial support have not changed from last year.
  2. We did not directly ask our people to increase their pledges this year (but it really would help if you increased your pledge, my friends).
  3. For some of our UUCW folks, the pandemic means they are less engaged, and therefore they may decide to pledge less – or may decide that they no longer need to be part of the church.
  4. For some folks, the pandemic means less income, and therefore they may choose to pledge less.

This past year, due to the pandemic, we had a PPP loan from the U.S. government that allowed us to retain our staff and continue full programming, including worship, virtual religious education, affinity groups, spiritual development programs, amazing social justice efforts, and caring community.   We have worked together, learned together, laughed together and grown together throughout the pandemic – and we’re keeping it up!

Giving – and how much to give – are always up to you.  We each make our choice of how much to pledge in light of our own unique financial situation.  You alone get to decide what the UUCW community is worth to you.  But I wanted you to know that UUCW’s need is real – and we can’t do it without you.

With Love — Rev. Suzelle Lynch

P.S.  Reach out to Church Administrator Vicki Banville for more information about UUCW finances, or to increase your pledge – or make one!